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Experience the Taste of South Africa with Bets African Food in San Francisco

Pamper Your Taste Buds with Traditional South African Food in San Francisco

Top-quality Catering Services with a Wide Variety of Gluten Free Food in San Francisco

Cape Malay Quinoa

Cape Malay is traditionally served in South Africa as a spiced rice dish. However, Amawele's has smartly created a healthier version of the traditional Cape Malay dish.

Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is traditional South African Dish which is made with a half or a quarter loaf of bread, hollowed out and filled with steaming curry cooked with meat or beans.

Frikadella Slap Chip Roll

The South African Frikadella is a Dutch-inspired meatball. Amawele's Frikadella slap chip roll boasts a unique twist on this traditional favorite.

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Welcome to Amawele South Africa Restaurants, San Francisco

Discover Our Food

Since our inception, the Amawele South Africa restaurants have been successful to offer the sumptuous and mouth watering African Food to all the food lovers and food enthusiasts in San Francisco. We not only offer the best catering services in San Francisco, but also bring the taste of the core South African cuisine to you.

Much like the 'Rainbow Nation' that South Africa is known as, San Francisco-based Amawele's South African Kitchen's cuisine can be described as a steaming pot of influences from English, Dutch, Indian, Malaysian and Native African cookery. Freshly prepared with the highest quality of ingredients, the best South African dishes offered by Amawele South Africa restaurants are second to none in taste and garnishing. The multicultural cuisine of South Africa can be expressed as cookery that boasts a fusion of different spices from around the globe, as adopted by the indigenous people of Southern Africa.

The diversity of the indigenous peoples, as well as the influence of the Settlers, introduced a variety of cuisines that are unique to Southern Africa. This includes the cuisine from neighboring colonial cultures such as the Portuguese and Mozambicans. San Francisco Amawele's South African Restaurant provides an authentic offering of great tasting food that not only pampers your taste buds, but also offers a memorable moment to cherish forever. Our menu promises a wide variety of traditional, delicious, and nutritious meals that burst with flavor.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the best gluten-free South African cuisine and quality catering services. We welcome you to drop by our restaurant, and pamper your taste buds to a meal full of mouth-watering goodness!

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